On November 2nd, 2017, the Debunker Club sponsored a one-hour Twitter debate using the hashtag #DebunkDebate. We have a wonderful, cacophonous dialog in typical Twitter-chat fashion.

The file below contains all the tweets from the debate.

Download Great 70-20-10 Debate Tweet Stream


Also, Cara North posted a prettier version here.



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  1. Barb McDonald
    Barb McDonald says:

    Has anyone run across or have experience with David Kolb’s Experiential Learning Theroy and the Learning Style Inventory? I’ve recently run across a LinkedIn post where someone is advertising a class on how to implement it. I did a quick search on Kolb and he’s written quite a few books and articles. Most of his work was done in the early 80s, but I’m also seeing current research being done using both the Experiential Learning Cycles and the Learning Style Inventory. I found an article where he replies to Freedman and Stumpf who apparently criticized his Learning Styles Inventory. I am not able to share it here. Full disclosure, I haven’t read all of it, nor have I been able to dig too deeply into it, which is why I’m bringing the question here. Thanks.

  2. Rick Presley
    Rick Presley says:

    I noticed this eminent Ph.D. and Assistant Dean for Education Innovation providing insight on how to apply Dale’s Cone in learning: http://www.queensu.ca/teachingandlearning/modules/active/documents/Dales_Cone_of_Experience_summary.pdf

    What suddenly struck me was how at odds this “research” is with that of learning styles. If learning styles are a thing, then shouldn’t the percentages vary at each level of the cone depending on the individual’s learning style?

    I’m wondering why I’ve never seen any debate about this inherent contradiction from proponents.

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