• A Community of People

    Working to Eradicate Learning Myths and Share Proven Evidence-Based Insights

Who We Are

The Debunker Club is a community of over 800 people from around the world, dedicated to debunking learning myths and misconceptions—and advocating for proven evidence-based learning methods.

What We Do

We take personal action when we see misinformation; gently, respectfully communicating research-based best-practice information. We come together as a community to learn, to support each other, and to share good sources of information.

We Hope You Will Join Us!

We welcome you and other learning professionals—whether in workplace learning or education—who are dedicated to sharing valid evidence-based best practices. To apply for membership, click here or go to our Apply page.

Why Debunking Is So Important

  • Follow the Money... Out the Door!

    When our teams work to use a learning myth,
    they are spending time and money that
    could be better spent elsewhere!

  • We Hurt Our Learners

    When we cater to learning myths & misconceptions,
    we don’t help learners as much as we could,
    and we hurt our learning results!

  • We Hurt The Learning Profession

    We have so many good people,
    people who want to do good
    and help people learn and succeed.
    But when we use learning myths,
    we are taking an ax to the foundation
    of the learning profession.

  • We All Must Do What We Can

    Respectfully debunking myths and misconceptions.
    Energetically learning from research and practice.
    Sharing proven evidenced-based information.
    Listening, observing, being open yet skeptical.