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April Fools Stories 2019

Please tell your stories of how YOU FAILED to be persuasive enough to convince someone or convince a group of people to use research-based practices. We are the fools, aren’t we, if we can’t persuade, educate, model, cajole, or have influence in reducing the use of learning myths and/or increasing the use of research-based recommendations? […]

The GREAT 70-20-10 Debate — Tweet Stream

On November 2nd, 2017, the Debunker Club sponsored a one-hour Twitter debate using the hashtag #DebunkDebate. We have a wonderful, cacophonous dialog in typical Twitter-chat fashion. The file below contains all the tweets from the debate. Download Great 70-20-10 Debate Tweet Stream   Also, Cara North posted a prettier version here.    

March for Science

The Debunker Club is supporting the April 22, 2017 March for Science! We’re supporting it because scientific wisdom and evidence-based approaches are fundamental in our efforts in debunking myths in the learning field!!     More importantly, supporting science and scientists is vital to health, prosperity, democracy, and to the kind of truthful dialog that […]

The Debunker Club is Making a Difference!

The Debunker Club just held the "June is Debunk Learning Styles Month," enlisting its members and the larger community of learning professionals to debunk the myth that learning styles are valuable in designing learning. Here's a review of some of the evidence we were using. So, did we make a difference in just one short […]