We in The Debunker Club are having a members-only book-discussion group starting in about a week on January 11, 2019—reading the book The Knowledge Illusion — by Steven Sloman & Philip Fernbach.

The book is interesting because it challenges some of our long-held views about how people learn and know. It’s not directly relevant to debunking, per se, but it will bring us deeper insights into learning and cognition. Also, because the ideas are so challenging, it’s likely to raise some provocative debates among us learning professionals. I’ve read the book (this is Will Thalheimer writing this) and I found it thoroughly interesting even if I didn’t agree with everything.

Here are some reviews:

This is our first attempt at having a book discussion group, so it should be fun. It will be an asynchronous conversation (at least to start) so that people from around the world can participate. If we get a good response, we’ll offer a synchronous online discussion after we read the whole book.

I invite you to join me in discussing the book. Again, we’re getting started soon, so it’s best to start reading now… But don’t worry, there will be time to catch up…

And, if you’re not a member, but want to join, go ahead and apply for membership and we’ll be sure to process applications every week for January through February.

If you’re a member, you can see the chapter schedule by clicking here.