Original Introductory Webpage

This was the original homepage text
for the Debunker Club website.


This website is dedicated to the proposition that all information is not created equal. Much of it is endowed by its creators with certain undeniable wrongs. Misinformation is dangerous!!

There’s a lot of crap floating around the learning field. Much of it gets passed around by well-meaning folks, but it is harmful regardless of the purity of the conveyer.

People who attempt to debunk myths, mistakes, and misinformation are often tireless in their efforts. They are also too often helpless against the avalanche of information.

The Debunker Club is an experiment in professional responsibility. Anyone who’s interested may join as long as they agree to the following:

  1. I would like to see less misinformation in the learning field.
  2. I will invest some of my time in learning and seeking the truth, from sources like peer-reviewed scientific research or translations of that research.
  3. I will politely, but actively, provide feedback to those who transmit misinformation.
  4. More than a few times per year, I will actively advocate to debunk misinformation, EITHER by seeking out providers of misinformation and providing them with polite feedback, OR publicly posting debunking information on social media, etc. (or doing both).
  5. I will be open to counter feedback, listening to understand opposing viewpoints. I will provide counter-evidence and argument when warranted.

NOTE that the sign-up has been moved elsewhere but was originally on the front page of the website.